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  February 13, 2017

- - -
January MLS® Sales Drop 2%

WINNIPEG - Condominium sales showed a marked jump in activity compared to January
2016 with a 36% increase. They are also up 17% over the 10-year average for January
condominium sales. Overall, MLS® sales were slightly off last January’s total – ten sales to be
exact. And similarly since residential-detached on WinnipegREALTORS®’ MLS® is by far
the most dominant property type, there were sales of 400 compared to 409 in January 2016.

  October 6, 2016


- - -

Only Second Time September Eclipses 1,200 Sales


WINNIPEG - 2016 has been firing on all cylinders with yet another best result for MLS® sales activity in the month of September. Sales of 1,216 eked out a slight edge over 2011 and are only the second time sales in September have gone over 1,200.

  August 9, 2016

August MLS® Sales UP 7%

- - -

A New August Benchmark of Over 1,300 Sales

WINNIPEG - Summer vacations, the Olympics, Folklorama, Blue Bomber winning streak,
and other August activities did not get in the way of buyers taking advantage of a healthy
supply of some of the most affordable house prices in the country.

  April 16, 2016

- - -
April MLS® Sales Up 8%

WINNIPEG - April MLS® sales showed continued strength and momentum from an excellent
first quarter of MLS® sales and dollar volume activity.

  March 8, 2016

- - -
February Leaps Ahead of the Rest

WINNIPEG - Whether an extra day in February paved the way for a record month is debatable
as the best previous high for this month was 797 in 2007 and there were only 28 days to reach
that level.

  February 3, 2016

- - -
But January’s a Good Start

WINNIPEG – It has often been said that one month does not a market make. Yet here it is … January 2016 … and we only have one month to look at … so January is the market! And not to disappoint, the activity in the first 31 days does give us a lot to evaluate.

  October 8, 2015

- - -
September Sales Better than Average at 1,144

WINNIPEG - September MLS® sales activity and the year-to-date pace is indicative of a
steady market. It is tracking very closely to 2014 as was forecast. 2014 saw
WinnipegREALTORS®’ 5th highest MLS® sales result in its 112-year history.

  September 8, 2015

- - -
New August Dollar Volume Record Set at close to $341 million


WINNIPEG - The strong sales performance in August resulted in bringing year-to-date sales
ahead of last year for the first 8 months of 2015. Last month 2014 was ahead slightly but the
lead slipped away by the end of August owing to the 11% increase in sales over August 2014.

  June 9, 2015

- - -
June MLS® Sales Eclipse 1,500

WINNIPEG - Since 2007 when for the first time June sales surpassed 1,500, this level has
become the new benchmark upon which June is judged.

  May 6, 2015


- - -

Year-to- Date Sales Match 2014

WINNIPEG -While still a large influx of new listings came onto the market in May, it was

the first decrease over the same month the previous year in over two years. Just this year alone

monthly increases have been significant (e.g. 33% spike in March over March 2014).

  March 5, 2015


- - -

Year-to-Date MLS® Statistics Up Slightly

WINNIPEG – There will be an excess of white noise from all media outlets across the

country about real estate market activity in the first two months of the year.

  December 4, 2014

CHOICE GALORE FOR HOUSE SHOPPING IN DECEMBER - Over 4,000 MLS® Properties Available to Purchase
- - -
WINNIPEG - When Santa descends on Winnipeg and surrounding rural municipalities and
cities such as Steinbach this Christmas he will see plenty of real estate signs. For vendors
they will be wishing for a sold affixed to their sign.

  September 8, 2014
  August 10, 2014

MORE LISTINGS; FEWER SALES - - - August MLS® Sales Off 12 %

WINNIPEG - 2014 is going down as the year of more listings. In August the healthy supply
of MLS® listings did not translate into more sales. In fact, MLS® sales dropped 12% in
comparison to the same month last year. The 10-year average for August sales activity still
shows August 2014 down 5%.

  July 8, 2014

1,515 MLS® SALES TRANSACTED IN JUNE - MLS® Sales up 2% MLS® Dollar Volume Rises 6%. WINNIPEG - June 2014 MLS® sales rank third highest on record for this month and have only been eclipsed by 3% in June 2007 and June 2008. As a result, year-to-date sales for the first half of 2014 show a slight edge over 2013 at close to 6,500 sales – only 1% off the 10-year average.


  June 6, 2014

HIGHEST MONTHLY MLS® DOLLAR VOLUME IN 111 YEARS - $438 Million Transacted in May 2014 WINNIPEG - An all-time record setting month for MLS® dollar volume and the third highest month for MLS® sales brings year-to-date sales even with last year and dollar volume ahead by 4%.

  May 7, 2014

MLS® SALES HOLD THE LINE - - - MLS® Sales Drop Less than 2%
WINNIPEG - In what has been anything but a normal year for getting everyone into normal spring market expectations and buying activity to match them, April sales actually held their own. They fell just shy of last year’s total number and are exactly at the 10-year average performance level for this month.

  April 9, 2014

BALANCED MARKET CONDITIONS CONTINUE IN MARCH - New MLS® Listings Up 15%; Active Inventory Rises 23%. Winnipeg - 2014 is showing continued improvement in MLS® listings and overall inventory. Both new listings in March and active listings or overall inventory at the end of the month were well up over last year. Buyers have far more to choose from when you look at all residential property types.

  March 5, 2014

FEBRUARY MLS® SALES DROP OFF LESS THAN 3% Nearly 3,000 MLS® Listings Available for Sale WINNIPEG - Whether it be Olympic fever or just plain deep freeze weather that kept buyers at home, the February MLS® results show strong listing activity but less motivation by buyers to get out and take advantage of the good supply and selection of listings. Sales were affected in one way or another and are down 8% from the 10-year average of 743 sales.

  February 5, 2014

JANUARY MLS® SALES OFF 8% FROM 2013 - MLS® Listings Up 7%

WINNIPEG - Weather deterred more buyers than sellers when it came to single family home sales this January as they were down 10 % from January 2013. However the 565 MLS® sales transacted are better than the 10-year average of 550 and are right at home with most recent January performances other than 2013 when there were more than 600 sales.

  January 9, 2014

Annual MLS® Sales Fall Shy of 13,000 Benchmark Level

WINNIPEG - While 2013 will go down in WinnipegREALTORS® MLS® sales history as the fourth best year on record at 12,926 sales, it is still disappointing to see sales miss the 13,000 benchmark level set in 2007 and then again in 2011 and 2012.

  November 8, 2013

MLS® Sales Up 7%; MLS® Dollar Volume Rises 12%

WINNIPEG - With the exception of October 2007 when it was the only time MLS® sales for October eclipsed the 1,200 level, October 2013 is only five sales behind and set a new dollar volume record for this month going over $300 million for the first time. As a result, year-to-date dollar volume is on a record-setting pace at less than $50 million shy of reaching the $3 billion mark for the third year in a row. There are still two months to go. Year-to-date sales have come up substantially too from the beginning of the year (were down 13% after 3 months) to be within 1% of 2012’s MLS® sales activity.

  October 8, 2013


WINNIPEG – Not to take anything away from a respectable MLS® sales performance and new MLS® dollar volume record for September, but you have to shine the light most brightly on the sharp increase in new listings. The byproduct of this surge in new offerings for buyers left an end of the month inventory far larger and healthier than it has been in years. MLS® sales were ahead of last September by 8% and 3% over the 10-year average for September MLS® sales activity. September also sets a new dollar volume record, just edging out September 2011 when there were over 1200 sales.

  September 6, 2013

Summer Delivers $680 Million Worth of MLS® Sales
WINNIPEG - Not only were barbecues sizzling in August. August MLS® sales were at record levels for this month and dollar volume shattered its previous best for August by going over $300 million for the first time. The same occurrence happened in July with dollar volume easily eclipsing $300 million too. MLS® sales were also at near record levels.

  August 9, 2013


WINNIPEG – If July was a cup of coffee it would be brimming over the top. Dollar volume not only crashed through $300 million for the first time in July but eclipsed $350 million in sales transaction activity. Helping achieve this new benchmark for July were sales only 19 shy of the highest July sales ever. Back in July 2008 1,407 sales were recorded on WinnipegREALTORS®’ MLS®.

  July 19, 2013

June MLS® Sales of 1,480 Just Shy of Last Year’s Pace

WINNIPEG - A solid MLS® sales performance in June finished off a strong second quarter result and brought year-to-date sales much closer to the downside risk of minus 4% factored into the annual 2013 MLS® market forecast.

  June 26, 2013

Recreational Property Report 2013

Recreational purchasers have demonstrated renewed confi- dence in 2013, fuelling activity for cottages, cabins, chalets, resorts and second homes in markets across British Columbia. With the provincial election behind them, buyers who held off have re-emerged to take advantage of favourable pricing, low interest rates and a good selection of properties listed for sale. Greater confidence has given way to an upswing in demand, with five out of the six B.C. markets reporting sales ahead or on par with year-ago levels.

  June 7, 2013


WINNIPEG – With April starting a recovery from a poor first quarter, May did one better by setting an all time monthly MLS® dollar volume record of $412 million. It is only the second time dollar volume for monthly sales has exceeded $400 million. May MLS® sales finished strong too! They were 5% ahead of the 10-year average and fourth best for the month of May.

  May 9, 2013


WINNIPEG - Signs of spring while questionable at times in April brought more buyers out to take advantage of an MLS® inventory higher than it has been in many years. The equivalent of nearly 40 % of the 3,205 MLS® listings at the end of April sold and that is over 400 units more than what sold the previous month. While sales and dollar volume were down from April 2012, sales were still 2% above the 10-year average and dollar volume finished a strong second to last year’s highest April dollar volume of $337 million.

  April 8, 2013


WINNIPEG - Will someone turn the pilot light back on and warm up our MLS® market? You have to go back to the old Winnipeg Jets era when the likes of Teemu Selanne and Thomas Steen were entertaining fans at the Winnipeg Arena to find the last March where sales were lower than March 2013. It just so happened to be the 1994-1995 NHL lockout season where only 48 games were played. Sound familiar! And lack of scoring or conversions of listings to sales clearly hurt sales activity in March. To use another sports analogy, many buyers decided to sit on the sidelines and not venture out onto the field of play.

  March 7, 2013


WINNIPEG – Call it what you will, whether some rather harsh winter weather conditions or just softening in the local marketplace for this time of year, there was a real parallel in the drop off of new listings and sales at 12 and 11% respectively. The conversion of new or current listings to sales remained the same this February as in the past two years. So one way of interpreting what happened this year to precipitate less sales activity is there were less property owners willing to put their property on the market. At the same time, buyers at least for single family homes did not reach into the older existing inventory to any great extent to buy what was on the market.

  February 21, 2013

Move-up purchasers set to increase their stake in homeownership in 2013, despite overall trend toward moderation, says RE/MAX

Kelowna, BC (February 21, 2013) -- Against a backdrop of strong equity gains and lower interest rates, move-up buyers are once again set to ramp up their role in major Canadian housing markets, according to a report released today by RE/MAX.

  February 20, 2013

Only Second Time January Exceeds 600 MLS® Sales

WINNIPEG - You have to go back to 1997 to reveal an unusually exceptional January MLS® sales performance. 660 unit sales to be exact and nothing has come close ever since. Even this January at 616 is 7% off the best January in WinnipegREALTORS® 110- year history.

  January 22, 2013

RE/MAX Homebuying Trends Survey identifies Canadian real estate trends for 2013/2014
Kelowna, BC (January 22, 2013) — Changing market conditions have triggered a shift in the Canadian homebuyer mix and mindset, a fact identified and confirmed by the RE/MAX Canadian Homebuying Trends Survey 2013-2014 released today.

The national survey, hosted on the Angus Reid Forum in December, was conducted among 1,109 prospective purchasers who intend to buy within the next 24 months. From consumer demographics to buyer intentions, the survey provides a snapshot of Canadian homebuyers heading into a period of moderation.

  January 18, 2013

Childrens Hospital Foundation Donation Letter

Thank you for an incredible year! Your hard work and generosity hit an astounding level. Through the Miracle Home Program, Miracle Makers Barry Gordon Memorial Golf Tournament and the "Texas Hold em" tournament you raised almost $178,000. That's a 10% increase over last year! This continues to show why Manitoba RE/MAX agents, brokers and supporters are the most passionate in the country. 

  January 13, 2013

RE/MAX Ranks Number One in Real Estate

DENVER, CO – For the 10th time in 14 years, global real estate franchisor RE/MAX, LLC has been recognized as the highest ranking real estate company in Entrepreneur magazine’s 34th annual “Franchise 500.” RE/MAX has now earned the year’s number one ranking in the industry’s two most respected franchise surveys. With an increasing agent count and a recent expansion to 5 countries including China, RE/MAX continues to grow, with an unequalled presence in more than 85 counties around the world.

  January 7, 2013


WINNIPEG – 2012 has to be regarded as another exceptional year with sales only nudged out in 2007 and 2011 by the slightest of margins. Annual dollar volume resulted in moving the bar a little bit higher again and it is only the second time in WinnipegREALTORS® 109-year history where sales dollar volume has exceeded the $3 billion mark achieved in 2011. In only 5 years, the total MLS® dollar volume has increased 44%. This increase equates to nearly $1 billion.

  December 6, 2012


Winnipeg – While it may be the last quarter of the year with sales activity slowing down in comparison to the spring market, it was not the case for the upper tier of the residential-detached market. Five house sales all went for above $1 million with one commanding $2 million.


It is only the second time in WinnipegREALTORS® history in which a house has sold for $2 million or more. In 2006, another stately mansion home sold for $2,025,000. Despite November MLS® sales being down slightly less than 4% from the best November ever last year, the upper end residential-detached market of $500,000 or more saw an increase of 25% . There was even one condominium sale in November for $650,000.

  November 6, 2012


WINNIPEG - Only October 2007 surpasses this October in sales but dollar volume worth nearly $282 million, including three $1 million plus home sales and a $925,000 condominium, resulted in a new October dollar volume record. It also sets up an interesting finishing two months with a razor-thin lead in MLS® sales over 2011 and within 140 sales of the best year ever in 2007. New listings are positive with over 1,500 new properties put on the MLS® in October or 8% more than the same month last year. There are over 3,000 active MLS® properties available for purchase in November of which 1,748 are residential-detached or single family homes. Based on previous November listing entries, you can expect another 1,000 MLS® properties coming to market.

  September 6, 2012
WINNIPEG – There was no let up in August as it not only outperformed July but turned in a well above average performance for this time of year. It was only 4% off the most active August on record in 2005. Dollar volume was the highest it has ever been for August with close to $300 million in real estate transactions. 36% of the entire inventory turned over and that was with a healthy dose of new listings coming on the market.
  August 3, 2012
WINNIPEG - WinnipegREALTORS® noted the 2011 third quarter was quite exceptional so a formidable foe to outperform in 2012. July 2012 proved this point. When it came to the finish line MLS® sales fell short by less than 2% or 21 sales. Dollar volume was the reverse as July 2012 eked out a narrow victory over July 2011 by a little over $6 million or 2%. Close for sure on both accounts and while neither years’ set all time best sales records for this summer month they both are slightly better than the 10-year running average of 1,223 MLS® sales.
  July 6, 2012
WINNIPEG – After a spectacular May when sales went over 1,600 for the second time in WinnipegREALTORS® MLS® sales history, June sales and dollar volume activity settled down in comparison. Even for previous Junes when sales in the past five years have surpassed 1,500 June 2012 fell back under the 1,500 mark. However a new June dollar volume record was still set eking out a slight gain over last June.
  June 5, 2012
MLS® Monthly Dollar Volume Eclipses $400 million for First Time
WINNIPEG – Talk about making a statement for May 2012 when you have five sales over a million dollar each propel the monthly MLS® dollar volume level to over $400 million for the first time in WinnipegREALTORS® 109–year history. Beyond the 5 mega sales, May saw over 1,600 sales in total – making it the second best May ever next to may 2007 with MLS® sales of 12,652. Dollar volume in May 2007 was less than $300 million.
  May 7, 2012
MLS® Sales Up 17%; Dollar Volume Rises 25%
WINNIPEG – In many respects, this April has to be considered the best April in WinnipegREALTORS® 109-year history as it was only 9 unit sales off the highest April MLS® unit sales recorded in 2008 but is way out in front in dollar volume from any previous April. A rebound was predicted from last April given Manitobans were contending with the flood situation and therefore the spring market did not get on track as it normally does at this time of year.
  April 5, 2012
First Quarter MLS® Market Activity Keeps Pace With 2011
WINNIPEG - First quarter MLS® sales and dollar volume market activity are in line with the same period in 2011. This year’s result can only be viewed positively given last year’s first three month’s performance was the best first quarter WinnipegREALTORS® ever had since its inception in 1903. Sales are down 2% while dollar volume is up 3% in comparison to 2011.
  March 6, 2012
Dollar Volume Sets February Record with a 12% Increase
WINNIPEG – If this was a Winnipeg Jets hockey game we would be going into overtime as February MLS® sales were identical to last year’s. We will have to wait until February 2013 to break the tie. On the other hand, dollar volume was a different story altogether with the clear edge going to February 2012 with dollar volume up 12% at $191 million. As a result, the average residential-detached sales price was notably higher at $266,000 in comparison to $240,000 in February 2011. Condominium average sales price also vaulted past February 2011 with a jump from $198,000 to close to $211,000 in February 2012. Another virtual tie came in new MLS® listings with 1,315 entered in February 2012 compared to 1,313 in February 2011.
  February 10, 2012
MLS® Sales Even With 2011, Dollar Volume Up 7%
WINNIPEG – With the exception of 1997 when January sales were at 660, January 2012 sales activity ranks among the best results for all other Januarys as none have even threatened the 600 sales level. Dollar volume is another story altogether as despite sales being in a virtual deadlock with last January, there was still nearly an additional $8 million worth of sales activity. As a result, we see a replay of previous years where even if sales are not up to the previous year level, the dollar volume sets a new monthly record.
  January 10, 2012
Best December Ever At Just Under 700 MLS® Sales
WINNIPEG - Based on the busiest December on record in WinnipegREALTORS® 108-year history, you have to surmise that some of all those gift cards being purchased in December had to be house-warming gifts. December sales have never been at the 700 level mark before nor has dollar volume climbed so high to $182 million – a total that is leaps and bounds over any previous December. Prior to 2009, no December dollar volume ever eclipsed $100 million.
  December 7, 2011
November MLS® Dollar Volume Surpasses $200 Million for First Time
WINNIPEG - Mustache or not, WinnipegREALTORS®’ Movember stands for MLS® momentum. In the last few months, 2011 has been exceptional and now the year-to-date is challenging the best year ever… 2007. November set a new sales record for the month, edging out November 2007 by one sale. The dollar volume vaulted 30% higher than 2007 and is 11% better than 2010, which was the highest November on record until this year.
  November 8, 2011
WINNIPEG – In what has clearly become a surprisingly consistent and impressive string of solid month sales, and October is no exception with the second best sales on record for this month, 2011 has now supplanted 2008 for second place and with two months to go, is less than 2% off the strongest sales performance ever in 2007. Year-to date dollar volume is already the highest achieved in WinnipegREALTORS® 108-year history with $2.67 billion dollars worth of MLS® sales.
  September 6, 2011
Mosquitoes have become an endangered species in Winnipeg this year … but a new bug has appeared – the Winnipeg real estate sales bug! Sales in August are on par with the best August ever in the real estate Association’s 108 year history.
  July 7, 2011
WINNIPEG – WinnipegREALTORS® is at the half way mark of 2011. Its MLS® market activity is tracking well as forecast. Sales are only down 4% from sales recorded in 2007 – the best year ever - and just 2% off the second best year in 2008. June sales activity of 1,516 is not far off peak sales recorded for this month, only just edged out by 2007 and 2008 when sales were 1,564 and 1,562 respectively. They are also the fifth highest total for any month with May 2007 at the top with 1,652 sales. Another indicator of how well June sales activity went this year is the fact the equivalent of 4 out of 5 new listings sold and nearly half of the entire MLS® inventory turned over.
  June 8, 2011
WINNIPEG – Not only did May 2011 record the highest dollar volume month ever in WinnipegREALTORS® 108-year history to eclipse the $350 million level, sales and new listings outperformed May 2011 and showed a marked improvement over a disappointing April 2011. The May MLS® market rebound in sales and listings from April is proof flood-related concerns dampened activity. This factor alone held back what normally is a brisker spring start to WinnipegREALTORS®’ busiest months.
  May 9, 2011

2011 APRIL MLS® SALES MIRROR 2009 Flood Situation and Effort Impact Sales

WINNIPEG  - It is no coincidence the 2011 flood in Manitoba affected WinnipegREALTORS® MLS® market as listings were down 15% from April 2010 and much closer to 2009 where we had some major flood issues to deal with like this year. MLS® sales are virtually identical to 2009 and conversions of listings to sales are off in the same way compared to non-flood springs.

  April 7, 2011
WINNIPEG’S MLS® MARKET ROCKS - Beat All Previous March Records
Not to take away from former Winnipegger Neil Young’s artist of the year and humanitarian awards at the Junos last month or local REALTORS® rocking the night away March 16th to raise thousands of dollars for the Manitoba Real Estate Association Shelter Foundation, the local real estate market marched to its own steady beat with a recording better than ever before for this month of the year. It also is apparent the first quarter was outstanding as it edged out the best first quarter ever in 2007 with over 2,500 in MLS® sales and $570 million in dollar volume (no previous first quarter has eclipsed one-half a billion dollars before).
  April 5, 2011
First-time buyers in major Canadian markets
move to get in ahead of higher interest rates, says RE/MAX Kelowna
Driven by the threat of higher interest rates down the road, first-time buyers are contributing to strong upward momentum in residential housing markets across the country,
according to a report released today by RE/MAX.
  March 8, 2011

FORGET THE FREEZE - A Fabulous February

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Merv saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter. If
you’re a seller - you can only hope we have 6 more weeks of real estate market like we did in

  February 14, 2011
RE/MAX Agents Raise $62,487.00 for Children’s Miracle Network at Annual Conference
  Febuary 9, 2011
2011 GETS OFF TO A GOOD START - A New MLS® Dollar Volume Record Set for the Month of January
WINNIPEG – It appears some homeowners may have been a little more conscientious about keeping their driveways and entranceways shoveled and cleaned this month as listings were up noticeably from last January. Buyers were out and about as well. This resulted in WinnipegREALTORS® having its fifth highest January sales performance on record for MLS® sales. A new record January MLS® dollar volume was established too. Interestingly enough, with all the talk this year of another potential major spring flood, the best January ever at 660 sales (far surpasses anything since then) was in 1997.
  Febuary 8, 2011
‘Wild card’ props up Canadian housing marketsover past decade, says RE/MAX
Kelowna, BC (February 8, 2011) -- Tighter inventory levels helped to make the last decade one of the healthiest periods on record for Canadian real estate, insulating markets in major centres from the peaks and valleys characteristic of past decades, according to a report released today by RE/MAX.
  January 17, 2011
The Harper Government Takes Prudent Action to Support the Long-Term Stability of Canada’s Housing Market
Ottawa (January 17, 2011) - The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, and the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Natural Resources, today announced prudent adjustments to the rules for government-backed insured mortgages to support the long-term stability of Canada’s housing market and support hard-working Canadian families saving through home ownership.
  January 11, 2011
WINNIPEG - December was a month to remember with WinnipegREALTORS® recording its highest average monthly home sales price ever at $252,414. The previous high was June 2010 at $250,440. This record is not typical of a December. Historically, the highest monthly average sales price tends to be in the busier spring months. The month of the year is becoming far less significant as a determining factor of average monthly sales price and not surprisingly the prevailing tight housing market conditions is the primary cause.
  December 17, 2010
Western Hockey League Announces Partnership with RE/MAX
Kelowna, BC (December 15, 2010) -- The Western Hockey League in association with RE/MAX of Western Canada are proud to announce the launch of a new 3-year partnership that includes grassroots programming with all Canadian WHL Markets along with brand integration across various WHL broadcast and online properties.

As a proud sponsor of the WHL, RE/MAX will be highly visible in all 17 Canadian WHL markets. RE/MAX will also run an exciting promotion during the 2010-11 season – The RE/MAX Home Team Contest – giving fans the chance to win a $10,000 Home Improvement Package.

  November 5, 2010
WINNIPEG – If this was an election it would be too close to call. On the final stretch drive with two months to go it is a dead heat in terms of MLS® sales compared to last year. There are only 28 more MLS® sales in 2010. However dollar volume is a different story. It is up 10% in comparison to 2009 and while sale do drop off at year end there should be no doubt WinnipegREALTORS® will set its 10th consecutive annual MLS® dollar volume record in 2010. 2001 finished with a dollar volume level just shy of the $1 billion mark. Ten years later the final amount could possibly reach $2.7 billion.
  October 8, 2010
WINNIPEG - It took until the month of September last year to set a new sales and dollar volume MLS® record in comparison to the same month the year previous. Ditto for 2010. Like athletes vying for new records in the Olympics or Commonwealth Games, September 2010 sets the bar higher again for what September 2011 will have to achieve if there is to be a new MLS® sales record for this month.
  September 13, 2010
RE/MAX Quest for Excellence Bursary Program Updated
Kelowna, B.C. (September 13, 2010) – RE/MAX of Western Canada is now offering $16,000 in bursary monies in its annual Quest for Excellence Program, offered to Western Canadian Grade 12 students.
The Quest for Excellence Program, now in its 10th year, was established to recognize ongoing pursuits of Western Canadian students. The program has been revised to a single category to recognize students’ leadership and community contribution achievements.
  September 9, 2010
August MLS® Active Listings Up 4%; Sales Down 12%
WINNIPEG – Despite a drop in sales activity this summer in comparison to July and August last year, year-to-date sales are slightly above 2009 while dollar volume is up nearly 11% and closing in on $2 billion – the fastest pace at which this milestone level will be reached in WinnipegREALTORS® 107-year history.
  August 5, 2010
Down but not out!
WINNIPEG - When all is said and done about our Bombers at the end of July - they’re 2 and 3 – but the numbers don’t look all that bad! And to hold Calgary to 6 points in the second half and still have a chance to win with 30 seconds on the clock with our first-string quarterback hurt - a lot of positives are in the air.
Same with the WinnipegREALTORS® MLS® stats for July. With the weather way better than last July … and maybe people thinking more about some sun, sand and surf rather than listing and selling – the numbers don’t look all that bad. And looking at year-to-date … there are still positives in this more balanced – healthier market (unlike the Bombers who don’t look so healthy!!!).
  June 4, 2010
Over 2,000 Residential-Detached Listings Going Into June
WINNIPEG - While no panacea for some homebuyers depending on the neighbourhood and price ranges they are searching for, the good news in May is WinnipegREALTORS®’ MLS® residential-detached listing inventory is in better shape going into June than it has been in a long time. Moreover, a good influx of new listings in early June bodes well for a healthier supply in the summer months. The same holds true for condominiums. You have to go back to May 2001 when supply is comparable to this year with over 2,000 residential-detached listings. Contrast this total with 2007, which had the busiest May and year on record, residential-detached listings for May were only 1,153. Similarly, there were 315 condominium listings at the end of May 2010 in sharp contrast to 174 at the end of May 2007.
  May 11, 2010
WINNIPEG – Winnipeg REALTORS® reported over 1,300 sales through the MLS®, only the second time in April when sales have reached this level. It was less than 3% off the 1,355 sales achieved in 2008. New listings of over 2,000 are the highest they have been for this month since 1998 and dollar volume eclipsed $300 million for the first time in April. It is only the fourth time in WinnipegREALTORS® 107-year history the monthly dollar volume level of $300 million has been attained and that was in back to back months in May and June of 2008 and in June 2009 when there were more sales.
  May 5, 2010
RE/MAX® Receives Corporate Citizen Award
Kelowna, BC (May 5, 2010) – RE/MAX of Western Canada is a proud recipient of the 2009
Corporate Citizen Award presented by The BC Transplant Society. For six years RE/MAX® has
promoted organ donor awareness by spreading the word on the need for organ donation with
sponsored ad campaigns, direct press releases, an agent education program and website links to
the transplant registration websites and
  April 30, 2010
RE/MAX Recognized as the Most Trusted Real Estate Brand in Canada
(Kelowna, BC, April 28, 2010) – RE/MAX has been awarded Most Trusted Residential REALTOR® as voted on by readers of Reader’s Digest magazine. The survey conducted for the annual awards revealed that the majority of Canadians trust RE/MAX for all their residential real estate needs, ranking RE/MAX associates five-times more ‘trusted’ than the second most trusted brand.
  April 30, 2010

Dramatic rebound characterizes Canada’s luxury home segment in 2010
Luxury home sales soared in the first quarter of 2010 as affluent purchasers moved to take advantage of favourable market conditions across the country, according to a report released today by RE/MAX.

The RE/MAX Upper End 2010 Report, highlighting sales and trends in 13 major Canadian centres and five submarkets, found that improved economic performance, increased personal wealth, immigration and foreign investment all contributed to a serious upswing in sales. Virtually all areas experienced double and triple-digit increases between January and March of this year over 2009 figures for the same period. Nine out of the 13 markets examined (69 per cent) shattered existing records – setting new all-time highs for first quarter activity in the upper end.

  April 14, 2010
RE/MAX Supports Organ Donor Awareness Week
Kelowna, BC (April 14, 2010) – RE/MAX of Western Canada is proud to support National Organ Donor Awareness Week, April 18-25, 2010, designated by the Canadian Society of Transplantation. RE/MAX has partnered with Aquarius Marketing to power, a newly developed website that has been designed as a touch point to facilitate easy access to the applicable registration information for each provincial transplant agency.  With the continued support of RE/MAX of Western Canada and other organizations helping spread the word on the need for organ donors, the BC Transplant Organization performed an amazing 211 organ transplants in 2009.
  March 8, 2010
FEBRUARY MLS® SALES UP 8% - Majority of Homes Sell For Over $200,000
WINNIPEG – Besides resulting once again in another month where dollar volume sets a new record for the month as it was up 9% over the previous best dollar volume February in 2008, a significant development this month is a clear shift in overall residential-detached sales activity to price ranges over $200,000. Leading the way is the $200,000 to $249,999 price range where one out of every four homes sold in this category. Last February the same percentage of activity happened in the $150,000 to $199,999 price range. Overall, 56% of homes sold in February went for above $200,000. The under $100,000 sales dipped to only 8% in comparison to 11% in February 2009.
  February 25, 2010

Driven by a robust economy and strong consumer confidence levels, solid momentum in St. John’s residential housing market carried forward in 2010. Home sales climbed 37 per cent to 203 units in January, an increase of more than 50 units from one year ago, while values topped $248,000, a substantial 23 per cent upswing over the 2009 fi gure. Active listings, while up by approximately five per cent overall to 999, continue to fall short of demand. Entry-level product, priced from $150,000 – $250,000, is especially tight.

  February 25, 2010

Low inventory levels set stage for heated Spring market in most major Canadian centres, says RE/MAX 

Kelowna, BC (February 24, 2010) –  Lack of inventory will be the greatest challenge facing housing markets across the country this Spring, according to a report released today by RE/MAX.

The RE/MAX Market Trends Report 2010, which examined real estate trends and developments in 16 markets across the country, found that unusually strong activity during one of the traditionally quietest months of the year has led to a sharp decline in active listings in 81 per cent of markets surveyed. The threat of higher interest rates, tighter lending criteria, and in British Columbia and Ontario, the introduction of the new Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) have clearly served to kick-start real estate activity from coast-to-coast, prompting an unprecedented influx of purchasers. As a result, 87.5 per cent of markets posted an increase in sales in January. Average price appreciated in 81 per cent of markets surveyed.

  February 25, 2010

Low inventory levels set stage for heated Spring market in most major Canadian centres, says RE/MAX

Lack of inventory will be the greatest challenge facing housing markets across the country this Spring, according to a report released by RE/MAX.

The RE/MAX Market Trends Report 2010, which examined real estate trends and developments in 16 markets across the country, found that unusually strong activity during one of the traditionally quietest months of the year has led to a sharp decline in active listings in 81 per cent of markets surveyed. The threat of higher interest rates, tighter lending criteria, and in British Columbia and Ontario, the introduction of the new Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) have clearly served to kick-start real estate activity from coast-to-coast, prompting an unprecedented influx of purchasers. As a result, 87.5 per cent of markets posted an increase in sales in January. Average price appreciated in 81 per cent of markets surveyed.

  February 08, 2010
First Time MLS® January Sales Dollar Volume Cracks $100 million
WINNIPEG – Despite MLS® sales being down less than 500 for the first time in 6 years, dollar volume continues to forge ahead as it crashed through the $100 million mark for the first time in the month of January. Helping bring this level up to a record total in January was a home sale worth $1,080,000. Last year WinnipegREALTORS® saw more million dollar plus sales than ever before at 14 (previous best was 2008 with 8 sales).
  January 11, 2010
Almost $2.5 Billion Worth of MLS® Sales
WINNIPEG – Winnipeg’s MLS® market shook off early year recession concerns and another major flood to post a much better second half and end the year with a strong result. 2009 MLS® sales of 12,182 only take a back seat to the 2007 record-setting year of over 13,000 sales and to 2008 and 2006 where sales were 12,630 and 12,304 respectively. Considering in the early stages of 2009, MLS® sales were down as much as 12% and worked their way back to be off less than 4% is quite a come back. More impressive however is that MLS® dollar volume rebounded from being down 9% at the end of May to finish ahead by 2%, and in doing so, set an all time best MLS® dollar volume record just shy of $2.5 billion.
  January 11, 2010

WinnipegREALTORS® 2009 Year End MLS® Highlights

In 2009 there were 14 MLS® residential sales over $1million, 13 were residential-detached listings and one was a condominium. The highest sale price of all of them was a Wellington Crescent condo at $1.5 million.

In contrast to these higher end sales, the lowest priced listing was a residential-detached property which sold for $3,500.

The 9,205 residential-detached sales in 2009 represent 3 out of every 4 MLS® sales.
  November 09, 2009
MLS® Dollar Volume Up 10% to over $200 million
WINNIPEG – A recurring theme this year as evident in October has been the consistent dollar volume strength of the Winnipeg resale market. Despite sales being softer this year than the two previous years, dollar volume in 2009 is within reach of setting a new all time level above last year’s record of $2.42 billion. Helping spur October’s high dollar volume relative to number of sales is three more million dollar plus home sales. There have now been 12 million dollar plus home sales and one million dollar plus condo sale, five more than the highest yearly total achieved in 2008. Also noteworthy in comparing October’s dollar volume to last October is the more pronounced activity in the $200,000 to $250,000 price range – a 30% increase over the same price range from a year ago.
  May 06, 2009
WinnipegREALTORS® has been there before and will likely go through it again. As was the case in 1997, the MLS® market dipped noticeably from the same month the year before when there was no major flood to encounter and preoccupy yourself with as a resident of Winnipeg or outlying rural municipalities in the floodplain. It was confirmed by a provincial communications officer involved in releasing flood bulletins that the first two weeks of April involved daily news conferences and the City of Winnipeg were issuing news releases and holding news conferences too.
  May 04, 2009
RE/MAX Awards $12,000 in Bursaries to High School Graduates
Twenty four students from Western Canada have won a RE/MAX 2009 ‘Quest for Excellence’ bursary, valued at $500 each, to be presented during their school commencement ceremonies.
  April 04, 2009

The Winnipeg real estate market in March was really quite similar to March 2008 when you break down the two main property type sales. Home sales which still make up the lions share of total MLS® activity every month were only down 3 per cent with more sales this year over $200,000. There were three sales above one million dollars. Condominium sales were virtually the same as last March with two less sales. The big drop off in activity was in vacant lots with a 63 per cent decrease in sales. Duplexes sales were down 31 per cent while single attached units had a decline of 25 per cent.

  March 16, 2009

Winnipeg REALTORS® is calling on the provincial government to provide relief to home buyers in its upcoming March 25th provincial budget by modifying the significant revenues it generates on property purchases in this province. The province has seen its LTT revenues increase from $31.0.million in 2006 to $44.8 million in 2008, a 44% increase.

  February 04, 2009

The Winnipeg real estate market got off to a good start in 2009 with another monthly dollar volume record. MLS® sales were worth close to $100 million and only off 8% from the second best January in 106 years.

  January 07, 2009
The Winnipeg real estate market recovered some of its lost form in the fourth quarter by posting a solid showing to end an excellent year of MLS market activity.
  December 03, 2008

Threat of global recession to hinder home sales in major Canadian housing markets in 2008 and 2009, says RE/MAX

Global economic uncertainty weighed heavily on residential real estate activity in most major Canadian centres during the latter half of 2008.  Although the forecast for 2009 promises more of the same, most markets are expected to weather the storm, says RE/MAX.

  December 09, 2008

A new record for annual dollar volume.

In December 2007, Winnipeg REALTORS was pleased to announce it set an all time annual sales and dollar volume record with a month left to go in the year. A year later it again is reporting an annual dollar volume record and sales which will be second best ever recorded by year end.

  November 13, 2008

Year-to-Date MLS® Sales Down 2%; Dollar Volume Rises 11%

With an increase in inventory and moderating demand, the Winnipeg MLS® market is becoming balanced. There is now close to four months of inventory going into November which is considered more in line with the balanced market territory.

  September 25, 2008

Luxury home sales hold steady in most major markets across the country, says RE/MAX.

Luxury home sales have outperformed virtually all other residential price points this year, but activity in the top-end is expected to taper in most major Canadian centres in coming months, according to a report released today by RE/MAX.

  February 08, 2008
Housing sales and average price weren’t the only records being shattered across Canada in 2007. RE/MAX agents also set a new benchmark in charitable giving, raising over $4 million for the Children’s Miracle Network.
The 2007 donation surpassed the agents’ 2006 contributions by more than 14 per cent.
  November 14, 2007

Condominiums achieve unprecedented favour among Canadian homebuyers

Double-digit sales gains reported in most major markets in 2007

After more than three decades of slow but steady growth, the condominium concept has finally clicked with Canadian homeowners. The lifestyle has proven to be a solid investment in housing markets across the country, chalking up some of the most impressive gains in residential real estate in 2007, according to the RE/MAX Condominium Report.

  Oct 22, 2007
Slow and steady growth forecast for residential real estate.
After posting extraordinary gains in 2007, housing market performance will moderate in most major Canadian centres in 2008, according to a report released today by RE/MAX.
  Oct 05, 2007
September MLS® Activity capes off record month. Sales up 2%; Dollar volume rises 15%
  Sept 06, 2007
Year to date MLS® dollar volume goes over 1.6 Billion. Second best August on record for MLS® sales.
  August 07, 2007
Real estate wave continues. July MLS® sales rise 5%; MLS® dollar volume soars 21%
  June 05, 2007
Backgrounder on Association’s Most Successful MLS® Month Ever
  July 05, 2007
Another monthly MLS® record set by Winnipeg REALTORS® - - - June MLS® Sales Up 5%; MLS® Dollar Volume Jumps 21%
  June 05, 2007
An all tume MLS® record shattering month.May Sales Up 12%; May Dollar Volume Jumps 29%
  May 08, 2007
Winnipeg REALTORS® MLS® Keeps on keeping on. April Sales Up 14%; Dollar Volume Rises 23%
  April 04, 2007

WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg real estate market's first quarter was capped off by the best March on record with MLS® sales surpassing 1,100 for the first time and dollar volume closing in on $180 million - more than double the March dollar volume recorded five years ago. Another bright spot was the over 10 percent increase in new listings entered in March. It is also noteworthy that 61 percent of the entire inventory turned over in March.

  March 07, 2007

WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg real estate market in February showed a continuation of last year's remarkable performance with sales just edging out 2006 and dollar volume setting another new monthly record for this month. Only 1997 where MLS® sales went over 800 in February was there more activity than 2007.

  February 06, 2007

WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg real estate market in January outperformed the same month last year in both sales and dollar volume. Active listings are in a better position too with a 9 per cent increase over January 2006.

  January 11, 2007

The Board of Directors of the Winnipeg REALTORS® Association is pleased to announce the election and confirmation of Wes Schollenberg, REALTOR®, as President for the 2007 calendar year. Mr. Schollenberg served as President-Elect in 2006 and succeeds Walter Boni as President.

  January 05, 2007

WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg real estate market finished off 2006 in spectacular fashion with dollar volume shattering the previous best December in 2005. You only have to go back four years when December dollar volume was less than half what it is in 2006. December MLS® sales were impressive as well with close to 600 unit sales - third only to 1996 and 1997 when they were 686 and 608 sales respectively.

  December 06, 2006

WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg real estate market hasn't noticeably slowed down even though this November has been dramatically colder than last November. November MLS® unit sales were off less than 1% from November 2005 (825 / 830). Dollar volume was up 15% over the same period last year ($127.9 million / $111.1 million). MLS® listings entered in November are up 1% (914 / 904) while listings entered from January to November, 2006 are up 7% (15,941 / 14939). Year-to-date MLS® sales are up 2% (11,711 / 11,528) while dollar volume has risen 15% ($1.773 billion / $1.546 billion). The Board's listing inventory stands at just under 2,200.

  November 07, 2006

WINNIPEG - October 2006 is the best October MLS® result ever in the Board’s 103 year history. For the first time, sales eclipsed the 1,000 mark and dollar volume reached its highest level ever at close to $160 million. This impressive result puts year-to-date dollar volume ahead of last year's total dollar volume.

  October 05, 2006
WINNIPEG - September 2006 helped propel the first three quarters of 2006 to new uncharted territory. Both sales and dollar volume are out ahead of previous years to this point and that is saying something given how well 2005 performed. MLS® dollar volume so far is just shy of $1.5 billion with still a full quarter to go and MLS® sales are fast approaching the 10,000 mark.
  September 12, 2006

WINNIPEG - August 2006 is the second best August in the Winnipeg Real Estate Board's 103-year history for MLS® unit sales and the highest ever for August MLS® dollar volume. As a result, year-to-date MLS® sales are closing in on 9,000 and dollar volume has surpassed $1.3 billion. With four months to go, the Board will inevitably set its sixth consecutive dollar volume year end record and may still exceed the 2005 new all time benchmark of over 12,000 sales.

  August 03, 2006

WINNIPEG - July MLS® sales and dollar volume activity moderated from the two previous back-to -back all time record-breaking MLS® months this year. Although, for the hot and dry days of summer, July's MLS® results were strong enough to set the best ever sales and dollar volume level for this vacation month.

  January 30, 2014

Winnipeg’s luxury housing market continued to make impressive gains in 2013, with the number of homes sold over $500,000 up 26 per cent over the previous year

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